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   D.A.D. Directional Acoustic

Overview - Two channel system points direction to fault
The model D.A.D. Directional Acoustic Detector features a new concept in fault locating that utilizes the speed of sound to show direction to the fault (thump) from where the operator is standing.

This dual channel system is designed to work with any brand thumper. The sound of the thump is detected at different times by two microphones placed over the cable route. The D.A.D. uses an ultra-high speed clock to determine which microphone is closer to the fault and indicates the direction the operator must go. When the operator passes the fault, the meter will indicate a reversal

   The D.A.D. system includes the following:
  • Two earth probe microphones.
  • Two tri-pod's (for use on hard surfaces).
  • Two microphone cables.
  • A-T Ballistic Impulse Meter detection system.
  • Logic Trip Meter for direction to fault indication.
  • Stereo Headphones.
  • Audio output limitation: Automatic ear protection for the operator, even if a microphone is dropped.
  • Foam lined carrying case.
  • Instruction manual and batteries.

The D.A.D. includes soft soil microphones (earth probes) as well as tri-pod bases for hard surface location. The earth probe allows the thump to be heard in soft dirt, sand, bark dust, or under water. It even works well in high background noise areas. Since the earth probe penetrates the soil, background noise is left above ground and all that remains below ground is the 'thump'. The tri-pod bases are used over asphalt and concrete and can even be pushed into some types of soft soil

The D.A.D. also includes a ballistic impulse detector to visually confirm the presence of the 'thump'. This detector receives the large magnetic wave that travels the cable with the thumper pulse. This magnetic is so effective, the operator can pre-locate most faults using only the magnetic portion of the D.A.D., even from inside a moving vehicle.


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