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Aqua-Tronics Inc

Primary Cable Fault Locators


Aqua-Tronics offer three units for Primary Cable Faults. The Magnetics Only Meter prelocates faults with thumper. This low cost detector senses magnetic wave from thumper and brightly locates many faults located in one pass. The Directional Acoustic Detector features a new concept in fault locating that utilizes the speed of sound to show direction to the fault from where the operator is standing

The Super Directional Acoustic detector conveys more information about the fault location, and faster, with the addition of a new microprocessor controlled electronics, that provide bright, easy-to-see-and-read signals - day or night.

Model M.O.M. Magnetic Only Meter
Model D.A.D. Directional Acoustic Detector
Model S.D.A.D. Super Directional Acoustic Detector

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