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Timing and Power Measurements

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Precision GPS Timing & Power Measurement Solutions
  Arbiter Systems Inc. manufactures GPS based precision time clocks, synchronized power measurement and power calibration products, designed to support industries where precision timing is mission critical.
Model 1083B Model 933A Model 935A Model 921A
  Applications include synchrophasor measurements, synchronized power measurements, computer network time synchronization (via NTP or PTP), event timing and other electric utility support. These products enable the power distribution industry to deliver safe, reliable and economical power to end users globally.

Designed assembled and serviced by Arbiter, these solutions provide the backbone for professional monitoring, measurement and analysis of power system performance.

Pioneers in GPS satellite-based precision timing products since 1976, Arbiter continues to push the market forward by introducing synchrophasor support into it's product line. Synchrophasors are used to measure voltages and currents across diverse power grid locations providing synchronized comparison of two quantities in real time, and have become a key tool in the management of power quality.

Backed by a limited lifetime warranty, Arbiter timing products provide long term reliability within the most demanding environments.


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