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Model 1084A/B/C GPS Satellite
Clock (40ns)
Focused on high performance and maximum value, the Model 1084A/B/C delivers many of the same high end performance
features and flexibility of the 1088B precision time clock, but at a lower cost.

Three BNC connectors deliver several output options supporting IRIG-B modulated, and various combinations of IRIG-B
 unmodulated. Programmable Pulse (supporting multiple output modes) and 1 PPS. All are high drive outputs capable of driving
multiple loads wired in parallel.
  • NTP compatible.
  • Two Form C (SPDT) fail-safe relays, locked and jumper selectable.
  • Event input support
Key Features
  • Highest accuracy; < 10ns typical; < 100 ns worst case.
  • Three BNC connectors (optional terminal strip connector available).
  • Optional Fiber Optic Support.

Versions A/B/C offer various interface options

  • 1084A supports four LEDs for monitoring operating status.
  • 1084B adds to the LEDs an LCD display and keypad, providing easy access to setup and system status information.
  • 1084C includes both the operating status LEDs, the LCD display and keypad, and includes a large LED time display.
  • IEEE C37.118 compliant for Synchrophasor use.

Like the 1088B but with a single option slot. Model 1084A/B/C supports options for an internal Network Time Protocol (NTP), four configurable fiber optic outputs, COMTRADE Sample Rate Generator, Power System Time, Frequency and Phase Monitor, a second RS-232 port and more.


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