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  Model 10887A Isolated Repeater

The Model 10887A, Isolated Repeater, propagates digital signals by isolating the source device from the load devices) and reproducing the input signal at two output connectors. Each output is individually buffered with its own CMOS driver supplying up to 75mA each.

Use the 10887A with any digital timing signal where it may be useful to limit the load current from the source of the timing signal. such as from an Arbiter GPS clock, to reduce losses across the transmission lines. The 10887A will then be able to drive remote loads with 75mA of drive current from each of the two outputs. Input/Output connectors may be ordered either as pluggable terminal block or BNC female.


  • Limits the load current drain on the source.
  • Drives multiple loads in parallel.
  • Has 75mA of drive capacity from each of the two outputs.
  • Output connectors can be either BNC or Pluggable terminal strip, chosen at time of order.
  • Optional DIN rail mounting.

I/O Output Connectors

Pluggable terminal strip or BNC

Output Signals

+ 5 Volt CMOS via two standard pluggable terminal block or BNC

75mA maximum per output

10 Ohm impedance

Status LEDs

Data LED

Power LED

Power Input

9 Volts to 13.5 Volts DC, 70mA; input power connector, tip positive

Operating Temperature

-10C to 50C

Storage Temperature

-40C to 75C


51mm x 43mm x 63mm (size with DIN rail and Pluggable terminals)





DIN Rail Clips


Isolated Repeater (BNC Input and BNC Output)


Isolated Repeater (Pluggable Terminal Input and BNC Output)


Isolated Repeater (BNC Input and Pluggable Terminal Output)


Isolated Repeater (Pluggable Terminal Input and Pluggable Terminal Output)


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