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  Model 10888A Logic to Fiber-Optic Transmitter

The Model 10888A Fiber-Optic Transmitter converts a TTL/CMOS, electrical signal to 820nm light wave transmission over multi-mode fiber. This product provides GPS clock users with another option for connecting to fiber for transmission of digital timing signals. The Model 10888A uses BNC connector for the electrical connection and ST connector to the fiber-optic cable. It is powered by a 9.0V to 13.5V DC source.

The Model 10888A uses an Agilent Model HFBR-1414T fiber-optic transmitter to drive the fiber optic cable and is capable of link distances of 2.7km. Internal drive circuitry compensates for over temperature drift. A High Impedance input allows connection to any TTL/CMOS GPS clock-timing output


  • Field Installable.
  • Simple Installation: BNC electrical and ST fiber optic connections.
  • Uses wall-mount transformer or DC to DC (72V-140V DC to 12V DC) converter.
  • 820nm Wavelength Technology.
  • Link distances up to 2.7km.
  • Specified with 50/125m, 62.5/125m,100/140m and 200m
    HCS Fiber.
  • For new installations of any Arbiter GPS clock, connect the Model 10888A to the desired TTL output and connect the ST connector to the fiber link.
  • Existing GPS clock installations with no available space in the GPS clock for the Option 20 (Model 1084A/B/C only) or Option 20A. Connect the Model 10888A to any available TTL/CMOS output.

Input Signal Type

5 Volts CMOS signal via standard BNC connector; maximum input
current is less than 0.1A

Output Signal Type

Fiber-optic signal via 62.5/125m fiber, via standard ST fiber optic connector

I/O Output Connectors

Pluggable terminal strip or BNC

Status LEDs

Data LED (indicates that data is being transmitted)

Power LED (indicates that power is applied to the 10888A)

Power Input

9 Volts to 13.5 Volts DC, 1mA

Power Connector

3.5mm, male mini-plug - tip positive

Operating Temperature

-10C to 50C

Storage Temperature

-40C to 75C


50mm x 38mm x 50mm (overall dimensions)





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