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Model 1095A/C Industrial GPS Clock (250ns)

Rugged, accurate and economical, the 1095A/C GPS Industrial Clock Module from Arbiter Systems Inc. is the engineer's choice when flexibility, precision and physical durability are required.

The 1095A/C precision time clock is a low cost unit capable of driving common timing signals such as IRIG-B, 1 PPS and RS-232 serial time codes, with < 100ns typical accuracy. The compact, rugged enclosure can be mounted in multiple ways, making installation fast and secure. Ideal for outdoor applications, the 1095A/C is capable of performing when other units fail, operating between -40C and 85C. Four configurable outputs support substantial drive capability, allowing a single unit to drive multiple loads in parallel.

  Key Features
  • Rugged case for outdoor or demanding environments.
  • Accuracy < 100ns typical; < 250ns worst case.
  • Four terminal strip connector outputs, three high drive, one analog..
  • One Form C (SPDT) fail-safe relay.
  • Two RS-232  ports.
  • Battery or power source operated.

Versions A/C offer various interface options.

  • 1095A utilizes an opaque cover, optionally may be ordered with a
    "smoked" cover.
  • 1095C includes a "smoked" cover with four LEDs to monitor operating status and a large seven-segment LED time display.
  • IEEE C37.118 compliant for Synchrophasor use.

The 1095A/C maintains the real-time clock, almanac and ephemeris data powered by a back up battery in the case of power loss, reconnecting to the satellite signal in as little as 15 seconds. The built in Event Capture function means the unit records key events related to data received from the input options, with 100ns resolution.

The Model 1095A/C supports front panel options, also choose between the external and internal antenna options to best suit your installation environment.


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