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  Model 1133A Power Sentinel™ with Digital Signal Analysis

A leader in synchrophasor measurement and analysis. The Model 1133A Power Sentinel™ merges precision time synchronization and power measurement features into a single PMU compatible device.

Bridging the gap between Precision Timing and Power Quality Measurement Model 1133A Power Sentinel™ delivers practically unlimited functionality to the electric power professional. Compliant with IEEE C37.118, Model 1133A is a rack mountable Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU) compatible device featuring the highest accuracy possible.


1133A Power Sentinel™ with Digital
Signal Analysis

Key Features
  • IEEE C37.118 compatible PMU device.
  • Synchronized via internal GPS Satellite receiver.
  • Market leading synchrophasor support.
  • Revenue Accuracy: 0.015%.
  • Power Quality: Harmonics, Flicker, Interruptions.
  • Phasor Measurements for Stability and Flow Analysis.
  • System Time and Frequency Deviation.
  • Internal Data / Event Logging.
  • Two-year warranty.

The unit provides exceptional support for synchronized timing applications enabling the Model 1133A to take a leadership role in synchrophasor measurement and analysis. Measure system phase angle, monitor power quality, derive frequency and time deviations and tackle revenue metering challenges from a single unit. The advanced technology, featuring Arbiter's proprietary EnergyDSA™ Digital Signal Analysis technology makes all this and more - possible.

Revenue Metering
The Model 1133A measures revenue more accurately than any meter ever before. The difference between 0.025% and 0.1% is surprising. With many transmission lines wheeling thousands of megawatts of power, the difference in accuracy of 0.075% translates to hundreds of thousands of dollars over a year's duration. Even at lower power levels, improved accuracy yields significant revenue enhancement.

Data and Event Logging
Thirty-two megabytes of flash memory are standard. This non-volatile memory can record revenue data, power quality, internally detected faults, alarms, events, and external events. Four optically-isolated event inputs may be used to monitor external events.


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