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  1205B/C Specifications







  Model 1205 B/C GNSS Synchronized Clock (40ns)
  Built by Power Professionals, For Power Professionals
The Arbiter Systems Inc. The 1205B/C GNSS Synchronized Clock is a multi-satellite system (GPS/GLONASS/Galileo/BeiDou) timing source for precision timing applications. Arbiter's next-generation sub-station clock provides enhanced performance and security (EPS) along with the wide range of functions you have come to expect from the Leader in timing for the Power Industry.

EPS benefits include multisystem timing sources, standard hold-over oscillator, multiple levels of security, secure communications, and anti-spoofing technology.

The Model 1205 is available in three versions: the 1205B, 1205C, and the model 1205D. The Model 1205B has eight status LED's and LCD status back-light display and key-board. The model 1205C adds a large (20mm or 0.8") LED time display. The model 1205D is a DIN rail version with status LED's but without the front panel LCD display.


1205B/C GNSS Synchronized Clock


  Key Features
  • Accuracy of 100ns, 40ns typical
  • Standard NTP/PTP server, Unmodulated IRIG-B, Modulated
    IRIG-B, 1 PPS, and One Form 'C' (SPDT) fail-safe locked relay, Power System Time Frequency Monitor
  • IEEE C37, 118, 1-2011 compliant for Synchro-phasor Use
  • Second serial port standard


  • Enhanced performance and security
  • EPS benefits include multi-system timing sources (GPS/GLONASS/Galileo/BeiDou) standard holdover oscillator, multiple levels of security, secure communications, and
    spoofing technology

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