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  Model 928A Power System Multimeter

The Model 928A Power System Multimeter with Floating-Point DSPô Digital Signal Analysis is an AC Power measurement instrument, providing outstanding performance and flexibility in a small, hand-held package. Not only does the Model 928A measure basic data and power quantities, but it also measures power quality including harmonics, flicker, sags, surges and interruptions.

Incorporating a graphic LCD display, serial communications, real-time clock and an unprecedented combination of features makes the Model 928A the ideal instrument for the power professional. For current measurements, Model 928A works with several Arbiter external Current Transformers available as accessories to the unit.


  • Downloadable CT characterization files.
  • Low cost professional instrument.
  • 0.1% Accuracy
  • Power and Energy measurements.
  • Flicker per IEC 61000-4-15.
  • Harmonics I, V to 50th, THD.
  • Phase Angle I - I, V - V, I - V.
  • Waveform Graphics Display.
  • Supplied with Voltage probe lead set and Operation manual.

The Model 928A uses two identical input measurement channels capable of measuring either voltage or current. The dual inputs allow for voltage to current, voltage to voltage, or current to current measurements with basic accuracy of 0.1%. Note: an input CT is required for any current measurement and the basic accuracy of the Model 928A is affected by the accuracy of the input CT.

The flexible current inputs are compatible with both voltage output and current output CTs. Convenient current transformer calibration tables help eliminate errors introduced by the CTs and lessen their effect on system measurements. A special 0 to 40mA range allows for accurate low level measurements below 10mA.

The Model 928A requires an external CT for current measurements, such as the Model AP0001300 (1000:1) or the Model AP0012300 (100:1). Optional accessories include a tilt / bail handle, soft carrying case, test leads, external power supply and other CTs.


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