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Spade Lug Current Lead Set

Fused Safety Voltage Probe
Lead Set

  Assembled Test Lead Index

Carefully engineered from the ground up, Arbiter Systems Inc. Test Leads combine performance, safety and economy. All components are carefully selected to work together, resulting in long life and excellent reliability.

Whether you choose their standard test lead sets, or custom assemblies, you can buy with confidence, knowing that better safety and finer quality are not available at any price

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Model AS007900 Universal Test Plug Current Shunt
  Timing and Frequency
  Synchronized Measurement & Cal
  Power Measurement and Calibration
  Assembled Test Leads
  Fibre-Optic/Copper Signal Adaptor
Model 811 Universal Test Plug Current Lead Set
Model 812 Safety Ground Leads
Model 813 Safety Voltage Probe Lead Set
Model 814 Safety Voltage Clip Lead Set
Model 815 Fused Safety Voltage Probe Lead Set
  Model 816 Spade Lug Current Lead Set
  Model 817 CT Lead Set
  Model 818 Safety C-Hook Current Lead Set
Model 819 Modified Safety Clip Lead Set

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