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BA100 Portable and Laboratory Based Oil Tester
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BA100 Specifications
●   Bluetooth connection
●   USB Flash Drive
●   Intuitive control





The BA Breakdown Analyzer is the smallest and lightest portable oil test set its rating available. The 2.8" colour display (ultra bright) is very bright and offers optimal readability mobility. For measuring modern silicon, mineral and ester oils a very fast switch-off time after flash over is crucial. The BA has the fastest switch-off time on the market available (< 5Ás)


  ●  Usability Low weight and compact design
  ●  Very bright colour display
  ●  Internal Battery
  ●  External 12 V Supply
   ●  Ultra fast switch-off time (< 5 ・us)
   ●  Direct measurement of output voltage
   ●  Measurement also of silicone mineral- and ester oils
   ●  Housed in a metal case for proper RFI / EMC shielding

With the PC Software ・gBA Control Center individual test procedures can be programmed and several units can be controlled and overviewed simultaneously. Test results are available in printed form, as pdf and as text files. The unit has USB Flash Drive and a Bluetooth connection for communications between the test unit and the PC

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