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VLF High Voltage Test System
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   HVA200 Specifications
   Additional Features
    ●  Load independent, symmetrical
        Automatic measurement of R & C
    ●  Sinusoidal output over the entire
        power range
    ●  Hybrid System
    ●  Flexible positioning almost
         unlimited operating time




The high power HVA200 Test System is capable of testing cables up to 140 kV (Test Voltage 1,7 x U0) and allows to diagnose these cables with Partial Discharge and Tan Delta Diagnostics. The HVA200 is for laboratory use or can be fitted as a mobile test laboratory into a van. The smallest and lightest VLF unit of its class offers VLF (Very Low Frequency) 0.1 Hz standard testing as well as DC output voltage up to 200 kV. It is well known that DC testing of aged extruded cable such as XLPE and EPR is potentially damaging to the cable insulation, causing premature failure of the cable under service conditions.

In addition, DC "proof" or hipot testing has been found to be effective in detecting serious defects in cables. Since this is the main objective of any hipot test, and due to the negative side effects of DC, VLF AC waveform testing is now recommended by almost all cable testing standards.


   ●  Output voltage 200 kVpeak, 140 kVrms
   ●  Pure sinusoidal output voltage (load-independent)
   ●  Partial Discharge and  Tan Delta Diagnostics 
   ●  Output current 140 mA max.
   ●  Cable Testing According IEEE400
   ●  Unlimited and continuous duty cycle
   ●  Interface: Bluetooth & USB
   ●  Programmable test sequences
   ●  PC software gb2 SuiteRh with various reporting functions included
   ●  RMS digital metering of voltage and current
   ●  Automatic load calculation and frequency selection (0.01 - 0.1 Hz)

Acceptance or maintenance hipot/proof testing using VLF high voltage sinusoidal AC allows the operator to efficiently detect serious cable insulation defects, before they result in an in-service failure, without affecting those healthy sections of the cable that still have remaining service life.

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