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High Voltage Test Set
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The HVA28TD is a truly compact and portable VLF test set system for testing medium voltage cables. It performs VLF and DC testing, sheath testing with sheath fault. location mode and TD leakage current correction (guard terminal) is included. Assessments of cable condition can also be carried out by use of Tan Delta Diagnostics.

MWT: the recently introduced Monitored Withstand Test (MWT), a combination of Withstand Testing and Tan Delta Diagnostics in compliance with IEEE can be performed. The HVA28TD offers outstanding features in terms of size, weight (14 kg) and performance (max. 10 μF). Safety: the instrument has two independent earthing devices (electronic and mechanical discharging) and an integrated 12 kV feedback protection system to protect both operator and instrument.


  ●  Output voltage 29 kVpeak ,
  ●  21 kVrms Pure sinusoidal output voltage (load-independent)
  ●  Internal TD measurement with high accuracy (1 x 10-4)
  ●  Tan Delta measurement with various frequencies (0.01-0.1 Hz)
  ●  Leakage Guard® leakage current correction
  ●  Output current 20 mA max
  ●  0.5 μF @ 0.1 Hz @ 20 kV rms
  ●  Highest test capacity of 10 μF
  ●  Ultra light and compact weight (14 kg)
Field use
: a watertight and very rugged case with a protection class of IP67 makes additional transport boxes obsolete
Connectivity: on site, no external PC is needed. All results can be downloaded later by USB or Bluetooth for further investigation and easy report creation on the PC Software

Unlimited operating time: Operating time of the HVA high voltage generators are not thermally limited and can be operated continuously

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