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VLF High Voltage Test Set
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   HVA60 Specifications
   Additional Features
   ●  Easily exchangeable HV cable
   ●  Vacuum Bottle Test
   ●  Sheath Fault Locating
       (in combination with Earth Fault
       Locator) (not included)
   ●  Real time oscilloscope display
       of output voltage
   ●  Breakdown voltage and load
       detection (R & C)
   ●  RMS digital metering of voltage
       and current



The HVA60 AC hipot by b2hv is a portable 0.1 Hz VLF cable test system for the testing of medium voltage cables. Dry system  The HVA60 test set is a dry type test system - have no oil filled components. This means less maintenance, compact and lightweight design and no limitation of operating time..


   ●  Output voltage 44 kVrms , 62 kVpeak
   ●  Pure sinusoidal output voltage (load-independent)
   ●  Output current 40 mA max
   ●  Highest test capacity of 10 µF
   ●  Unlimited and continuous duty circle
   ●  Programmable test sequences
   ●  Upgradable with Partial Discharge diagnostic and
       Tan Delta system (optional)
   ●  Dual Discharge Device (DDD®) two integrated and
       automatic discharge devices
   ●  12kV transient protection (50 Hz)

Safety - The instrument has two independent earthing devices (electronic and mechanical discharging) and a 12 kV feedback protection system to protect both operator and instrument. Connectivity - On site, no external PC is needed. All results can be downloaded later by USB for further investigation and easy report creation on the PC software.

Solid HV connectors - Robust HV-connectors allow the use of different HV test lead lengths, the quick exchange for a replacement cable, or the simpler upgrade path for connection of diagnostic systems. Unlimited operating time: Operating time of the HVA high voltage generators are not thermally limited and can be operated continuously

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