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HVA68-2 Double Power
VLF High Voltage Test Set
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   HVA68-2 Specifications
   Additional Features
   ●  Real time oscilloscope display
       of output voltage
   ●  Dual Discharge Device (DDD®)
       two integrated and automatic
       discharge devices
   ●  Easily exchangeable HV cable
   ●  12kV transient protection (50 Hz

The compact design and unmatched high voltage output power to weight ratio of the HVA test sets are second to none in the market, and make the b2 electronic high-voltage generators the lightest in all classes at all voltage levels. Performance - With 2μF @ 0,1Hz @ 44kVrms HVA68-2 has double the power with no increase in size or weight. Dry system - The HVA68-2 test set is a dry type test system - with no oil filled components. This means less maintenance, compact and lightweight design and no limitation of operating time.


   ●  Output voltage 48 kVrms
   ●  Pure sinusoidal output voltage (load-independent)
   ●  Output current 80 mA max
   ●  Highest test capacity of 10μF
   ●  Unlimited and continuous duty cycle
   ●  Cable testing        
   ●  Programmable test sequences
   ●  PC software “b2 Control Center” with various reporting functions included
   ●  Upgradable with Partial Discharge diagnostic and Tan Delta Diagnostics
       System (optional)
   ●  Breakdown voltage and load detection (R and C)

Safety - The instrument has two independent earthing devices (electronic and mechanical discharging) and a 12 kV feedback protection system to protect both operator and instrument. Connectivity - On site, no external PC is needed. All results can be downloaded later by USB for further investigation and easy report creation on the PC software.

Solid HV connectors - Robust HV-connectors allow the use of different HV test lead lengths, the quick exchange for a replacement cable, or the simpler upgrade path for connection of diagnostic systems.

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