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HVA94 VLF High Voltage Test Set
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   HVA94 Specifications
    Additional Features
   ●  Power supply immunity and
   ●  Low maintenance, oil-free design.
   ●  HVA Control Center - User friendly
       software for immediate,
       professional detailed reporting .
       and setup
   ●  Free HVA Control Center
       Software and upgrades.

The HVA94 cable tester by b2hv is a portable 0.1 Hz VLF cable test system for the testing of medium and high voltage cables. The HVA94 offer customers the ability to test MV and Sub Transmission class cables including 69kV and 46kV cable and below. The lightest 90kV VLF/DC system on the market, this single instrument not only produces some of the highest VLF AC voltages available, but it also has a very powerful output capacity.

This facilitates the testing of long cables. Like all models in the HVA series, the user interface is the same. Setup is simple and automatic with no cumbersome interconnecting of various modules. Automatic test sequences, like on all HVA models can be setup directly on the instrument or on the supplied HVA Control Center software. Test reports are downloaded to the instruments internal memory or to a USB flash drive.


   ●  Test your MV and Transmission cable networks. 
   ●  Test up to 10F (100,000ft/30kms).
   ●  Single Piece Design
   ●  Weighs only 127kg/280lbs
   ●  Perform tests fully automatically.
   ●  Real time oscilloscope display
   ●  RMS Metering of Current and Voltage Output Frequency optimization.
   ●  Insulation Resistance and Capacitance measurement.
   ●  Internal Storage of Test Reports.
   ●  Download to PC and /or USB flash drive
   ●  Unlimited duty cycle. Bright backlit LCD display

To assist the operator, the instrument will automatically calculate the optimum frequency to be selected for larger loads. The load independent, symmetrical output waveform avoids the potentially destructive space charge effects caused by DC polarization that occurs in aged extruded cables such as XLPE, PE, EPR, causing them to fail prematurely when exposed to conventional high voltage DC or from test instrument with large non-symmetrical output waveforms. Should a breakdown occur during testing, the actual voltage at which it occurred is displayed and recorded.

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