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PD30-E Measurement of Partial Discharges
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PD30-E Specifications
Additional Features
 ● PD measurement unit in battery operation
 ● Extendable with Tan Delta Diagnostics (optional)




b2 electronic diagnostics system PD30E (combined with VLF generator1) provides a pure sinusoidal output voltage with stable frequencies. This is a pre-condition of direct comparison of PD and TD diagnostics results across cables of different lengths. The characteristics at ever-changing frequencies and varying output voltage waveforms provide no basis for reliable comparisons Pure sinusoidal output voltage is recommended by standards such as IEEE and therefore clear guidelines and test procedures are provided.


   ●  Compact, light and portable devices
   ●  Small, light and portable units
   ●  b2 Suite® - comprehensive diagnostic software and database
   ●  Very simple and clear measurement process
   ●  Manual and automatic diagnostic mode
   ●  Exact PD localization (PD mapping)
   ●  Phase-resolved PD display (PD Pattern)
   ●  PD Magnitude
   ●  PD inspection and extinction
   ●  PD rate
   ●  High noise suppression by filtering
   ●  Extensive reporting
   ●  Test setup according to IEC 60270 and calibration

The comprehensive control and diagnostics software b2 Suite® makes the process of diagnostics easy as never before, guiding the operator step by step through the entire process. The b2 Suite® Data Base allows your data to be processed, stored and made available for future reference in just a few clicks.

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