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TD90-MC & TD90 Tan Delta Test System











Tan Delta measurement is a proven, simple and reliable test method for evaluating the dielectric condition of cables and other electrical equipment such as transformers or rotating machines. "Water-tree" damaged cables can be easily and clearly identified. The ease of use, low weight and the compact design is truly impressive. The HVA series HVA90 Insulation Tester and HVA94 Cable Tester (A sinusoidal 0.1 Hz VLF output voltage source test sets) must be used with the TD90 tan delta testing system, providing a usable range between 1 to 90 kV peak.

The dissipation factor measurement is performed with an accuracy of ± 10-4 for loads in the range of 500 pF to 10 µF. serve as the ideal high voltage source for the TD90-MC. The TD90-MC provides the testing and commissioning engineer with versatile high voltage tan delta measurement system suitable for testing XLPE, PE, EPR and PILC cables or other electrical equipment.

A sinusoidal 0.1 Hz VLF output voltage source HVA90 Insulation Tester Goto Page "HVA90"
HVA94 Cable Tester Goto Page "HVA94" must be used with the TD90 tan delta testing system, usable over a range between
 1 to 90 kV peak.


The following features make it the outstanding cable diagnostics system of its class:
   ●  Wireless data transmission via Bluetooth™
   ●  Bluetooth™ Dongle included
   ●  PC-software (TD Control Center) for display, analysis and reporting
   ●  Easy to use and multilingual
   ●  Real time display of output voltage and current
   ●  Tan Delta graph to display tan ô against voltage
   ●  Automatic generation of ready-to-print reports
   ●  Battery capacity up to 10 hours
   ●  Energy saving sleep-mode with auto-wakeup function
   ●  Cable set for connection to a HVA90 included Earth cable
   ●  Transport case for the TD90-MC and accessories

When carried out at fixed intervals TD testing can be the basis of a predictive maintenance program for your HV cables. The diagnostic report of the analysing software "TD Control Center" provides a comprehensive and clear record of the individual measurements made during a TD test cycle. An easy to interpret graphical display of the values offers a fast and accurate assessment of the dielectric condition of the cable.

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