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HAL 101 Advanced Multi-Function  Safety Tester




The ClareHAL 101 is a programmable hipot and DC IR tester. Isolated floating test outputs make it probably the safest hipot tester on the market. The user interface enables it to be used manually within laboratory, audit and product compliance environments. Use with a barcode scanner will automate the production flow and enable the product to be linked directly into most ISO quality systems.


  • AC and DC hipot, DC IR and ARC detection.
  • DC Insulation Resistance.
  • Internal memory.
  • Intuitive user interface.




Various accessories including label printers and an internal memory to store up to 6000 test records make the ClareHAL 101 very versatile. Separate software enables download to PC for further analysis or SPC. Automatic test sequences are configurable and the tester can be controlled from a host device via RS-232, or external PLC I/O ports making it ideal for system integration..

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