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STM/L Semi-Automatic/Manual
Manufacturing/Luminaire Tester










Semi-automatic and manual manufacturing / Luminaire tester that tests earth / ground bond, hipot, DC insulation resistance, leakage, load and power. Safe Test Manufacturing/Luminaire (STM/L) can be used as a simple manual electric safety tester or with varying degrees of automatic test sequencing.

The electrical safety tester performs earth bond testing, insulation resistance testing, flash testing / hipot testing, leakage testing, short-to-line and run/load tests. It is easy to operate with a full QWERTY keyboard and/or barcode scanner, and includes full-on screen user instructions.


  • Storage of up to 6,000 results.
  • Manual and semi-automatic test sequencing.
  • Link to a printer for pass/fail identification.
  • Link to scanner for faster data entry.
  • Beacon port and guard switch for EN 50191 compliance.
  • Download results to PATGuard 3 software.

Electrical Test Functions

  • Earth / Ground Bond Test.
  • AC / Flash / Hipot Test.
  • DC Insulation Resistance.
  • Leakage / Load / Power / and Run Tests.



The STM/L meets the needs of manufacturers who require a range of fundamental safety tests to be carried out on a variety of electrical and electronic products to CE and international standards. All tests are individually selectable and STM/L's internal memory has the capacity to store the results of 6,000 tests.

An optional safety label printer enables the automatic production of test tags, labels and test reports. Cleaver use of the optional barcode scanner (for product identification and tester configuration) means this product can be integrated easily into a typical ISO quality control system.

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