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Digital Micro-ohmmeter

The digital micro ohmmeter type 2226A is a unique instrument capable of handling even the toughest resistance measuring applications. The type 2226A is designed to measure resistance values in the range of 0.1Ω to 20kΩ.



  • Four-wire Kelvin principal eliminates unwanted resistance.
  • .Selectable test currents up to 10 Amps.
  • Used for quick and accurate low-resistance measurements.
  • Charging inductor mode for reduced settling times.
  • Wide resistance measuring range of 0.1Ω to 20kΩ.
  • 4-1/2- digit high contrast LCD display.
  • Safe operation - use of status indicators.
  • Available data output and remote programming capability via USB interface.
  • Automatic temperature compensation for copper and aluminium.



Ordering Information


Digital micro-ohmmeter 0.1Ω to 20kΩ 0.01/0.03% type 2226 as per Scope of Supply


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