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2903 and 2914 Test Cells for Liquid and Solid Insulants








Model 2903
The Haefely Hipotronics Model 2903 Test Cell is for Liquid Insulants. This test cell measures the dielectric properties of liquid Insulants such as insulating oil, it determines the dissipation factor tan delta and the relative permittivity (dielectric constant)  as well as the specific resistivity.

The test cell has been designed as a cylindrical capacitor with shielded measuring electrode (guard ring capacitor) and thus avoids partial capacitances, which might influence the test results.

The rest cell design is accordingly to IEC 60247:2004; ASTM D924-08; ASTM D1169:2002; VDE 0380-2:2005; BS 5737:1979. The temperature controller built into the Haefely Hipotronics Model 2831 is used to heat up the Model 2903 test cell.

Model 2914
The Haefely Hipotronics Model 2914 test cell is used for dielectric tests on solid test samples. It determines dissipation factor tan delta and relative permittivity (dielectric constant) on solid insulates such as paper and plastic foils, as well as specific resistivity.

The test cell is equipped with a shielded measuring electrode (guard ring) which eliminates partial capacitances which influence test results

The design is the result of long standing experience in the field of test cell building. It has been designed in accordance with specifications of VDE (Germany) and SEV (Switzerland) as well as with ASTM standards (USA) and conforms to recommendations of CIGRE, IEC and ISO.

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    2903 Test cell for Liquid Insulants
    2914 Test cell for Solid Insulants

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