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700-D149 Series AC Dielectric Breakdown Tester





The 700-D149 Series of AC Dielectric Breakdown testers represent a new level of sophistication, flexibility and accuracy in dielectric testing equipment. Each unit is equipped with a PLC-based control system that is internally programmed to perform the D149 short-time test, step-by-step test, and slow rate-of-rise test.

The unit can also be easily programmed to perform variations on these test sequences. This dielectric testing equipment is equipped with a voltmeter circuit that continually samples the waveform to determine the breakdown voltage with the highest accuracy. The operator can control all test parameters as required. At the conclusion of tests, all relevant parameters (minimum, maximum, mean, and standard deviation) for a series of tests on a sample are automatically calculated. Units are available from 30kV to 100kV AC for a wide variety of applications.


700-D149 Control Panel


  • PLC-based control and measurement system.
  • Preset tests.
  • USB for data download.
  • Internally programmed to perform all D149 type tests.
  • Adjustable test parameters (voltage, time, over current etc.).
  • Built-in safety test cage with interlock door.
  • Adjustable current overload.
  • Optional test fixtures and oil baths.
  • User friendly touch screen..


  • Complete test solution.
  • All metering performed with little or no operator intervention.
  • Software calculates all test parameters and print out of test reports.

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