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Primary Cable Fault Locator

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Haefely Hipotronics CET-2000 Series Capacitive Discharge Primary Cable Fault Locator is designed to fill the requirements between the highly portable 5250 First Response Fault Locating System and the higher voltage / energy CF70 Series Capacitance Discharge Cable Fault Locators. The CET-2000 combines high discharge voltage with high discharge energy to allow location of a wide variety of cable faults, especially when used with a Haefely Hipotronics HV Digital TDR. In addition, the controlled energy capability is quite beneficial for testing of XLPE cable where a lower "thump" voltage but higher energy is best.

The CET-2000 can be used with a high voltage coupler (HVC-4100 Series) and a time domain reflectometer (TDR-1150 or TDR-1170) to quickly provide a specific distance to the fault in feet or meters. This combination of equipment can greatly reduce the amount of high voltage discharge (number of thumps) on a cable resulting in reduced damage or degradation to the cable under test.



  • Hipot Voltage up to 32kV.
  • Self-Contained Features Proof Tester, Burner and thumper.
  • Burns Current to 160mA at 8kV.
  • Impulse Energies of up to 2000 Joules at 8/16/32kV Capacitive Voltage Discharge.
  • Automatic and Manual Thumper mode.
  • External interlock provisions.
  • Operate from Line Voltage or Generator.
  • Single HV Output for all modes.
  • Zero Start Interlock
  • Indicator Lights mode.
  • Easily Interfaces to HV TDRs and Couplers.


  • Test Wide Range of Cable in Small Lightweight Package.
  • Delivers More Energy at lower voltages.
  • Easily Interfaces to Haefely Hipotronics and Other Systems High Energy Allow Testing of Long Cable Lengths and Allows Easier Pinpointing of Problem Faults.
  • Current Meter Allows Leakage Measurements on PILC Cables during
    Hipot testing or Fault Conditioning (Burning) when doing Primary Cable Fault Locating.
  • Single Shot Discharge Mode allows minimal Thumps when using TDR.
  The package is very lightweight for the voltage and energy rating which makes for easy installation in all types of vehicles. The standard five feet output cable easily connects to a Haefely Hipotronics 8100 Cable Reel with a lockable MC connector.

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Cable Fault Locator 120V AC 60Hz supply


Cable Fault Locator 230V AC 50/60Hz supply


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