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DDX7000/DDX8003 Advanced
Detector/Cable Fault Locator





The Haefely Hipotronics DDX
® Digital Partial Discharge Detector offers the high accuracy and flexibility of digital technology, plus the real-time display and easy operation of an analog instrument. It is everything you want in a digital system with everything you know from an analog system...truly the best of both worlds.

The DDX® Detector provides the most intuitive and easiest to use operator interface of any available digital PD testing system. Data analysis is fast, easy and requires little training. It's Windows™ based software allows flexible test recording and data export to Word™, Excel™, and other Windows programs. In addition, only the DDX® Detector provides a completely open-architecture hardware and software solution through the use of the fastest processors, Microsoft Windows and Microsoft ActiveX™ technology



Features and Benefits

  • Automated Testing.
  • Easy Operation - uses the worldwide standard Windows operating system.
  • Customized Report Generation - allows transfer of pulse displays and data into commonly used word processors and spreadsheets.
  • Open-Architecture Design - open hardware and software architecture eliminates obsolescence.
  • Advanced Analysis Capability - possesses the most flexible analysis tools of any digital partial discharge detector.



The Haefely Hipotronics DDX® Detector can also automate your entire PD testing process, from voltage source control to calibration to test report generation. They offer three different models, each aimed at satisfying specific customer needs:

  • DDX 7000 with robust partial discharge analysis software.

  • DDX 7000 SL with advanced partial discharge site location software geared towards power cable manufacturers.

  • DDX 8003 which offers sophisticated noise suppression technology with the incorporation of additional hardware.



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