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DDX9121B Modular Partial Discharge and RIV Detector

DDX9121 System


The DDX 9121B is the latest in the DDX family for partial discharge and radio interference voltage testing. With the DDX 9121B you can setup, control, test, monitor and generate test reports from a single computer.

Its modular design makes the DDX 9121B flexible for any application. From single measuring input to simultaneous nine measuring inputs. From traditional partial discharge according IEC 60270 to RIV measurement or PD under DC. From pass/fail test to advanced phase resolution time analysis. The DDX 9121B includes all you need and have all you want.

The DDX 9121B comprises 1 to 9 rack-mounted unit(s) communicating with a remote PC (not included), which handles the display of PD information using the DDX 9121B/SWR data acquisition and remote control software. The software displays test results, generates test reports, and provides a means to calibrate the system. Digital filters allow the measurement frequency range to be at any range into measuring band to suppress frequency dependent noise. In addition gating possibilities allow blanking out stationary interferences.

The reports can then be printed out from the software or displayed as a web page. With help of the software the user can also export the results for use in a spreadsheet. Software also provides bitmaps for inclusion in other reports.




  • Settable PD threshold with indicator light when limit is exceeded.
  • Ethernet port for communication with PC (Optional).
  • Data acquisition and remote control software package.
  • Two modes of operation - meter mode or scope mode.
  • Compact, 3U (19-inch) rack mount case is ideal for integrating into a test system.
  • Increase lab sensitivity - equipped with digital filters, allowing the measuring frequency band to be shifted into a less noisy range. (thus suppressing frequency dependent noise).
  • Reduce your ground noise - the built-in frequency spectrum analysis and selectable frequency band lets you optimize setup
    in seconds.
  • Optimize your investment if your needs change - unit can be easily upgraded (RIV, 4 inputs switch, simultaneous PD readings, PD on DC, etc).
  • Reduce your training time - the Windows-based software makes the use of the device easier than ever.
  • Easy to integrate into test systems - its compact design, standard BNC measuring cables, and remote control capabilities make it ideal for integrated PD test system together with an AC power supply.

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