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FLASHPHONE Digital Acoustic/Ballistic Cable Detector

TDR1150 Time Domain



FlashPhone Digital Acoustic/ballistic detector is designed to pinpoint the exact location of primary fault location when combined with a capacitor impulse discharge unit (thumper). During the flashover at the fault both a magnetic and acoustic signal is generated. There is a time delay between these two signals and the FlashPhone displays this signal as a number.

The closer you get to the fault will show a decrease in the number that is displayed. The magnetic signal bar graph shows intensity (magnitude) of the magnetic field generated by the thumper into the cable fault. It also can be used to locate the correct cable route when the maximum bar deflection is indicated. The microphone is designed to be used with an earth probe for soft ground conditions and the flat ground contact can be used on concrete or asphalt.



  • Seismic/Electronic combination sensors.
  • Large LCD display with backlight.
  • Powered by Re-Chargeable Lithium batteries.
  • External AC battery charger.
  • Battery monitor on LCD.
  • Ballistic bar graph on LCD.
  • Watertight enclosure.
  • Rugged foam-lined carrying case.


  • Simple Operation - only a minimal amount of user training is needed to locate faults.
  • Locates Faults Quickly - faults are located with a minimal amount of time and effort.
  • Smart Device - is able to discriminate between audible "thumps" and background noise.

The FlashPhone unique combination design of seismic and electronic sensor technology, plus microcomputer technology and digital signal processing is the key to its superior performance and high sensitivity. It is well suited for use with impulse discharge  units with low Joule energy capabilities.


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Flash Phone Digital Acoustic/Ballistic Cable Detector


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