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MTS Series Low & High Power AC/DC Motor Test Systems







Haefely Hipotronics has been the leading manufacturer of complete AC and DC motor test systems since 1962, Their experience over the past 50+ years has enabled them to develop the most reliable and efficient test systems on the market. All of their manufacturing is done in-house to provide the highest level of quality. Their standardized design, patented Peschel Variable Transformer (PVT), and rugged motorized tap switches provide years of operation with minimal maintenance.

Their test sets include a 10-inch (25cm) color touch screen controller with intuitive menu functions. A standard digital tachometer and wattmeter allow for conveniently displayed measurements on the control interface, as well as temperature and power factor metering. Fast and easy test reports can be generated using data acquisition software on any computer.




  • Measurement Devices included with all models:
    Digital Tachometer
    Digital Wattmeter
    Temperature Meter (type-E)
    Power Factor Meter
    Data Acquisition Software
  • Emergency OFF switch and warning lamp for increased safety.
  • Control power circuit breaker.
  • Motorized tap selector switch decreases start up time.
  • Primary overload protection.
  • Digital voltage and current meters for accurate measurements.
  • Interlocked HV taps increase user safety.
  • Lifting provisions (crane and forklift)
  • External Interlock provisions.
  • Variable transformer offers the most stable output available.
  • Continuous variable voltage from near zero to full voltage.
  • Complete metering to verify conditions of motor under test.
  • Decreased startup cost with minimal mains wiring required.
  • Motorized tap switch uses the latest technology to ensure reliable and accurate testing.
  • Patented PVT design allows for smaller footprint and fewer moving parts.
  • Integrated safety and overload protection.

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