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  PTC-2 Phase Tracer

TDR1150 Time Domain


Ideal for identifying individual phases of 3-phase direct buried or conduit installed cable. The PTC-2 Phase Tracer is designed to positively identify the cable phases in a location where many cables come together, as in a manhole. These types of cable are used in power circuits, feeders and distribution networks.

The device will also identify the individual phases in a three-phase power cable. The PTC-2 Phase Tracer has three major components: a pulse transmitter, a pulse detector phase tracer, and a pickup coil. For best results the cable should be disconnected from any load impedance with the three-phase conductors tied together and grounded at the far end. However, the device will operate satisfactorily while still connected to low impedance loads.


Features (Transmitter 8030TC / 8012TC)

  • Continuously adjustable output current.
  • Low operating voltage.
  • Output ammeter.
  • Input circuit breaker switch with "On" pilot light.

Features (Detector PTC-2A)

  • High gain transistor amplifier circuit.
  • Sensitive pickup coil.
  • Rotary Switch with "Off" plus five sensitivity levels.
  • 50 division meter indicating relative strength of signal.


  • Effective identification - device can be used on shielded cable, unshielded cable and lead-jacketed cable.
  • Complete, compact and portable - for simple and quick use in the field.
  • Minimal Setup time and simple control pane

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Transmitter (12V 30A); 120V AC 60Hz supply, includes TC-2A and Test Lead


Transmitter (12V 30A); 220V AC 50Hz supply, includes TC-2A and Test Lead


Transmitter (30V 3A); 120V AC 60Hz supply, includes TC-2A and Test Lead


Transmitter (30V 3A); 220V AC 50Hz supply, includes TC-2A and Test Lead


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