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RVM5462 Advanced Recovery
Voltage Unit












The Recovery Voltage Method is based on established knowledge: the phenomenon of the polarization of oil paper impregnated insulation.

Many "high-voltage-working people" have made this painful experience: of short-circuiting a high voltage capacitor (which was previously charged with a DC voltage), and measuring a voltage more or less than zero (0) volts and so believing that the capacitor is completely discharged, and when touching the connectors of the capacitor receive a shock. This shock is due to the polarization of the insulation.

There are different types of polarization. In case of moist oil paper insulation, there is a polarization due to the water molecules contained in the insulation. By applying a DC voltage, these molecules (which were electrically neutral) acquire a polarity and try to drift in the direction of the electrical field. This means, molecules are now energized. We can short circuit and afterwards open the circuit. Some energy is still stored in the molecules. We can measure a voltage due to this stored energy, which is called the "recovery voltage".

By this method, insulation condition is examined by tracing the polarization spectrum from results of the recovery voltage measurements.




  • LCD screen shows results in alpha-numerical and graphical form.
  • Measurement methods: charging voltage, recovery voltage, initial voltage rise slope, peak recovery voltage, time to peak, insulation resistance, polarization index, polarization current, interference voltage.
  • Automatic microprocessor-controlled measurement.
  • Definable test procedure helps in reducing the test time.
  • Built-in thermal printer.
  • Built-in test box for self testing.
  • RS-232 interface for computer connection.


  • Non-destructive diagnosis of the state of paper-oil insulation systems.
  • Easy to use, ready to measure on power transformers without any knowledge about geometrical or electrical configurations.
  • Clear results indications, as water content in paper and recommended maximum temperature on the transformer.
  • On-site diagnosis of oil paper insulation on power transformers.
  • Factory detection of non-convenient power transformers drying procedures.
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   RVM 5462

Advanced Recovery Voltage Meter


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