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  • Shunt reactors.
  • Power transformers.
  • Instrument transformers.
  • Cables (type tests).
  • Arrestors (impulse current tests).
  • Bushings.
  • GIS and air-insulated breakers.


Hipotronics SGV Impulse Voltage Generator
200 to 10,000kV - 1500kJ

Features and Benefits

  • Largest reference list for impulse generators above 2,000kV. World-wide installation at most of the first class manufactures of HV apparatus.
  • Generator structure designed for charging voltages up to 10,000kV (200kV per stage), inside accessible, charging energy up to 30kJ per stage.
  • Overshoot compensation can be integrated into generator structure.
  • Movable on air-cushions, generator and charging unit installed on base frame.



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