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TTR2796 Transformer Turns Ratio Meter



A close collaboration with major transformer manufacturers has led to the new 2796 Transformer Turns Ratio Meter. The Transformer Test Equipment instrument combines mobility and user friendly handling with unmatched accuracy of up to 0.03%. The higher test voltage of 250 volts, together with the higher precision, assures authentic results especially on large power transformers. Advanced analysis features like trending allow the user to detect problems at an early stage.



  • Fully automated three-phase measurement of turns ratio, voltage ratio, phase displacement, and excitation current.
  • Better transformer excitation due to higher test voltage.
  • Highest accuracy on the market - up to 0.03%.
  • Ratios of up to 50,000 can be measured.
  • Measurement of phase displacement transformers.
  • Quick setup with intuitive guide-through user interface.
  • Automatic Winding Connection Identification (AWCI) and automatic vector group detection supports quick and easy operation.
  • Remote tap changer switch.
  • Safety connection control feature: Proofs test setup before Appling regular test voltage.
  • Light-weight, rugged and compact design.
  • Built-in printer.
  • Free external application software allows data exchange, analysis and report generation.

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 TTR 2796

Transformer Turns Ratio Meter


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