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High Voltage Testing Product Index


       AC VLF & AC/DC Hipot Tester

     High Voltage DC Cable Test
HVA60 DC VLF Hipot Tester PT-15-10S-15kV High Voltage DC Cable Test System
HVA90 DC VLF Hipot Tester PT-18-10-18kV High Voltage DC Cable Test System
88OPL-10mA-80kV DC Hipot Tester      
60HVT-B-60kV AC Hipot Tester      
100HVT-B-100kV AC Hipot Tester      

     High Voltage Generators


       High Voltage AC Test Systems

SGV Impulse Voltage Generator
      SGDA Impulse Voltage Generator
KV5-100 High Voltage AC System      
KV10-120 High Voltage AC System      
KV30-100 High Voltage AC System      
KV50-100 High Voltage AC System      
KV50-200 High Voltage AC System      
KV100-100 High Voltage AC System      


SGV Impulse Voltage


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