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Locate the Sparking Pole with RF Receivers and Antennas
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    Model 240A
    HF - UHF RFI Locator
    1.8 to 1000 MHz
    Oscilloscope Display


    Model 242
    AM-UHF RFI Locator
    560 kHz to 1000 MHz
    Oscilloscope Display
    AM Probe



    Model 243
    Broadband RFI Locator with Oscilloscope

   Tuneable Receiver 0.5 - 1000MHz
    Large LCD for Waveform Signatures
    Trace and Video Memories
    Ignition Filter
    dBm Readout


    Model 247-B
    Hotstick Line Sniffer
    RF and Ultrasonic Locator
    for use from bucket



    Model 245
    Circuit Snifter
    Detects indoor sparking
    and electronic sources



    Model M331
    Mini RFI Locator   
    320 - 340MHz
    Handheld attached directional antenna
    Optimized for Sensitivity and Ease of Use
    Ignition Filter


    Model 331Y
    Mini Combo RFI Locator
    329 - 340MHz
    M331 modified for use with mag mount vehicle or  
    a handheld directional antenna
    Ignition Filter


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