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Spinlab Utility Instrumentation | CT Testing (Ratio Burden Tests) |5000 Bird Dog Plus


CT Testing (Ratio/Burden Test)

The 5000 Bird Dog Plus for CT Testing (Ratio / Burden Tests) is the most complete, easy to use CT test product available on the market! Spinlab has created the most innovative product to perform meter circuit testing. All 32 failure modes of a meter circuit can be checked with the push of one button. You will be able to thoroughly evaluate any poly-phase meter circuit in less than ten (10) minutes.



  • Accuracy better than 0.5% for Ratio Testing
  • Readings: Voltage, Current, True and Displacement Power Factor, Phase Angles, THD Voltage and Current.
  • Measurements: CT Ratio, CT Burden, and Wiring Verification.
  • Real Time Graphical Display, and Backlight Screen.
  • Data Storage.
  • Data Upload and Firmware Download.

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