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Model 6000-SR1 Automatic Sensors for Meter Pulse/Rotation Detection

Spinlab's automatic meter sensors provide the latest technology available on the market. the two latest sensors: 1. Suction Cup 2. OPTOCOM port sensors (optional), provide the most convenient way to acquire the meter pulses.  

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The Infrared Sensor detects infrared pulse on electronic meters


Here are some of the features of the 6000 Bird Dog Plus
 Standard Sensors:
  • One set of sensors to test all meters.

  • Mechanical Meters - Laser sensor automatically counts turns of the disk to determine kWh.

  • Electronic Meters - Infrared sensor automatically counts pulses to determine kWh.

  • Both sensors use the same mounting device to attach to meters with an elastic Velcro strap.

  • LED light flashes to indicate when a pulse or rotation is detected.

  • Automatically times the test with a signal to the Bird Dog Plus Analyzer.

  • Powered by the Bird Dog Plus - no batteries required.

  • An additional suction cup and OPTOCOM port sensor (optional sensor) is available that attaches to the same mounting device.


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