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   750ADMmk2    Current Injection
mk2 System

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  Optional 750ADM-AL Lead Set



The 750ADM mk2 and the 750ADM-H mk2 are compact, rugged primary current injection systems with 750 Amp output capability. The 750ADM has a maximum no load output voltage of 3.5 Volts and the 750ADM-H has a maximum voltage of 5 Volts. The units are ideally suited to all low power primary injection tasks requiring up to 750 Amps for short periods.


  • Primary injection up to 750 Amps.
  • Output 2.8 Volts (Model 750ADM)
    Output 4 Volts (Model 750ADM-H)
  • Secondary injection Output: 16 Volts 40 Amps.
  • True RMS memory ammeter with single cycle capture.
  • Multi-function timing system.
  • Large back-lit Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
  • Thermal and over-current protection.
  • Automatic switch-off at end of test.
  • Automatic mains voltage selector.
  • Compact and portable.


  Where higher currents and powers are required for primary injection, 7kV and 20kV primary injection systems are available. The PCU1-SP and PCU2/E systems have separate control and loading units, allowing a wide range of load conditions to be covered with different loading units;

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