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Model 2293 Winding Resistance Meter

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The 2293 winding resistance meter is the result of extensive research and years of experience testing transformers. It incorporates a fast and highly advanced procedure for resistance measuring of transformer windings. The 2293 uniquely combines winding resistance measurement, turns ratio measurement, core demagnetization, transformer type detection, and heat and run test (cooling curve).




  • Multipurpose winding analyzer: transformer winding resistance, turns ratio, demagnetization, type detection and heat run test in
    one instrument.
  • .Resistance measurement made easy - simple one-time connection system: Once connected, unit will test all phases and windings.
  • Large 7-inch touch screen interface with full graphical test visualization.
  • Unique simultaneous winding demagnetization method (SWM, equivalent to traditional equipment with up to 100 Amp test current.
  • Tap changer control signal.
  • Heat run function and six (6) temperature measurement channels with automatic resistance value correction.
  • Demagnetization function.
  • Data transfer via USB memory-stick or direct to a PC.


  Ordering Information
    2293 Winding Resistance Meter, Includes 8 Measuring Channels, 6 Built-in Temperature Channels,
  7-inch Graphical Touch Screen Interface, Tap Changer Control Signal, Built-in Printer, USB and
  LAN Connections for data exchange, Software, Carrying Case, Operators Manual and Accessories

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