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Model 2830/2831 Oil and Solid Dielectric Analyzer

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The 2830/2831 is the result of extensive research and years of experience testing dielectric properties of liquid and solid insulating materials. It incorporates a fast and highly advanced procedure to measure Capacitance and tan delta, DC resistance and relative permittivity
Ɛr (dielectric constant) of liquid or solid insulating materials.

A simple one-time-connection system together with resistance measurement according to pre-selected standards drastically reduces measuring time. The system consists of 2830, the measuring bridge and control unit, and 2831, the extension unit.

The 2830 contains the controller and the measurement part of the system
The 2831 extension unit contains a standard capacitor, 2.5kV AC and DC supplies and a Temperature Control Unit.

 Up to two oil test cells (type 2903 or one solid test cell (type 2914) can be heated at the same time



Features and Benefits

  • C and Tan δ measurement, DC resistance measurement and relative permittivity Ɛr on liquid and solid insulating materials made easy - simple one-time-connection.
  • Large 12-inch TFT display with touch screen interface and full graphical test visualization.
  • Pre-selected oil-testing standards selectable IEC, VDE, BS, ASTM.
  • Customized programmable sequence and manual mode.
  • Integrated AC power supply 0 to 2,500 volts and 40Hz to 65Hz adjustable control.
  • Integrated DC - Power Supply 250 Volts to 2.5kV adjustable.
  • Two (2) independent integrated temperature control units.
  • Integrated ambient temperature and humidity sensor.
  • Place to connect two oil test cell heater 2903 or one solid test cell 2914.
  • Data transfer over USB memory-stick.
  Ordering Information
    2830/2831 Oil and Solid Dielectric Analyzer, includes Test Certificate, Set of Connection Cables and User

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