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FRA5310 Frequency Response Analyzer

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The FRA 5310 Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer detects transformer winding movements and mechanical failures due to mechanical shock, transportation or short circuits. Detections of these displacements ahead of a dielectric failure can reduce unplanned maintenance costs, and provide the possibility to improve system reliability by preventing outages.




  • High measurement reliability and reproducibility due to active probe design and clear defined connection and grounding technique.
  • High signal-to-noise ratio due to output voltage up to 12V peak-peak at 50 ohms.
  • Easy to use due to automated Windows test software and large color touch screen interface and remote start button.
  • Rugged light weight and small all-in-one field design.
  • Measuring modes (amplitude and phase) - Transfer Voltage Function - Impedance Function.
Many dielectric and mechanical failures in large power transformers are preceded by mechanical changes in the winding structure. These changes, or displacements in the winding, may be the result of:
  • Transportation damage occurring between the manufacturer and the final location.
  • Short circuit forces imposed on the windings resulting from a low impedance fault occurring close to the transformer.
  • Natural effects of aging on the insulating structures used to support the windings.

Ordering Information

    FRA5310 Frequency Response Analyzer Includes:
  Active Probes with 15m double shielded cable, 10m Ground Tapes, User Manual, Test Certificate
  Mains Cable, and CD with external PC analysis Software

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